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We Simply help You to save 25% of your electrical bill through :


Monitor more than 30 parameters in your electrical network real time, and also in different periods (Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, this month, Last month, this year), All of this through easy graphs to could take right decision in saving your power


Compare between your branches in energy consumption, reactive energy, power factor, instantaneous power and also cost they consumed in one graph to could reach easy to wastage area and up normal usage in your electrical network.

Cost Reduction

Reduce up to 25% of your Energy Bill

Save energy

Control your energy usage and analysis your consumption real time to could save your bill

Solve problem rapidly

Alerts on your email & SMS at any overload or short circuit, max demand and Power Factor

After Sales Services

Amgad's team supports you forever and gives you good recommendations to save your power. Also, we provide installing and maintenance for electrical panels such as (distribution, ATS, Drive system, Power factor, control)

Social & environmental impact

With our Smart meter system, improve your attitude towards energy consumption and decrease carbon dioxide emission.

Amgad iot platform Client - Integrate development

Integrate development

" Amgad's smart metering system enabled me to follow up the electrical consumption in the whole facility and take control to make the electrical usage more effective and save 17% of our electrical bill by means of advanced technology that they provided us with. They are really experts. "

Amgad iot platform Client - Faysal Islamic bank

Faysal Islamic bank

"Saving energy is one of our highest priorities,so we installed new air-conditioning system that provider claims its more electrical saving. Amgad's unique smart meter system gave us the ability to judge this system and go ahead in installing it. Really smart, simple, and very useful.we'll generalize experience all over bank branches."

Amgad iot platform Client - Wady El-Nile Company

Wady El-Nile Company

" Getting best use of renewable energy like solar power is our goal now , with help of Amgad's smart meter system we proved our vision and saved more than 70% of our factory's electrical bill by installing solar energy and taking the right decisions at modifying the electrical usage of our equipment loads. Really, we proud to work with Amgad "

Amgad iot platform Client - Egyptian Ministry of electricity

Egyptian Ministry of electricity

"We made pilot project with Amgad to approve their system.we install 13 devices in different places and the pilot perfectly succeeded, we could convert 3 different types of meters to smart ones. Also, we read, program and control our meters with their system. So, we intend to make big projects with them."

Amgad iot platform Client - 365 Ecology company

365 Ecology company

" We are working in VRF conditional air that save 30% of power consumed by normal central one, so we use Amgad's smart meter system to approve this to our customers. It helps us in our projects, now Amgad not only supplier company for us but they are our partners. "

Amgad iot platform Client - Solar city

Solar city

" It was very helpful for us to show our clients what is the benefits that they get from installing solar power as Amgad's system can clarify the amount of imported and exported energy, how useful is the renewable energy, and enables client to monitor the performance of his electrical network. "

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What we do?

Amgad is an innovative provider for energy management solutions and iot systems, we provide smart metering systems for clients in commercial and industrial sectors to help them save 25% of their electrical bill and control their energy consumption

Innovation is our goal

We always seek to creativity in our systems to satisfy our customers and create progress for them. We are proud that all our projects and systems are based on our own knowledge and numerous patents through our effective R&D team.

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