ioMeter System

ioMeter System is a software cloud solution that collects, processes and controls smart meters and modems data. It has full functionality of head end system and meter data management.

ioMeter Smart Concentrator

ioMeter XCn is a small device that has the Ability of converting any meter with serial communication to smart one with low cost, accessibility and customization.

ioMeter Platform

It enables electricity and water services providers to implement the most important functions.

ioMeter Utilities App

the system support more than one type of Electrical and Water smart meters.


  • Hardware Protection: Included in our ioMeter Concentrator XCn
  • No need to charge via meter CARDS: The recharge can be done with no cards needed
  • ioMeter Consumer App: Monitored, encrypted, and secured to assure user data safety
  • Software encryption and security: The unified monitoring system is locked and secured

Smart Concentrator

It’s the link between the smart meters and the platform. The smart concentrator unit supports the latest technology in iot protocols and platform communication such as GSM, PLC, and Ethernet.

Unified Platform

iot software that manage all utilities electricity, water and gas meters with a bush of bottom. Moreover, Io Meter MDM isn’t only a vertical solution but also, it’s a horizontal IoT platform.

So, it provides multiple benefits to our partners such as:

  • All devices are managed through a single, intuitive dashboard with All sensors and Less effort expended on training.
  • One central point for a transparent view of data and collection.
  • Robustness, High availability, redundancy, disaster recovery, cloud deployments, and a higher level of automation.
  • Identity Management – tools and processes for authentication and authorization.)

Mobile App

Unified mobile app for utilities management, it enables End-users monitoring their consumption and paying their bills in both electricity and water meters in an easy way. Through secured payment gateways such as (Visa, Master card, Meeza, Fawry, etc.).

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