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<span>IOT platform</span><br>IO Meter MDM

IO Meter MDM

IoMeter Platform is a software cloud solution that collects, processes and controls smart meters and modems data. It has full functionality of head end system and meter data management.

It enables electricity service providers to implement the most important two functions, these are:

  1. Make full Energy Management from source to load
  2. Export accurate bills (Post/Pre-paid)

Moreover, ioMeter MDM isn’t only a vertical solution but also, it’s a horizontal iot platform. So, it provides multiple benefits to our partners such as:

  • All devices are managed through a single, intuitive dashboard
  • All sensors in one single system
  • Transparent view of data on one dashboard
  • One central point of data collection
  • Robustness – Enterprise system architecture
    (High availability, redundancy, disaster recovery, cloud deployments)
  • Identity Management – tools and processes for authentication and authorization
  • Coupled with the Smart City concept, an IoT platform as a complete integrated solution
  • Less effort expended on training
  • Higher level of automation

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